D2i: What inspired you to do this build?
Leroy: I wanted an RSX since 2003. When I could finally afford one it was already 2005. So I got the 05 model of course. But I knew I wanted to do something different with this build. Something you don't usually see on a RSX, so I went all out.

D2i: What is Tekniquez Auto Club about?
Leroy: Tekniquez Auto Club is a family oriented club. We involve our family as much as we can. Tekniquez is a diverse club where Friends come together with their own unique builds. Dedication, love and hot cars is what keeps this club going.

D2i: What is your motivation to keep doing what you love?
Leroy: When I drive by with my RSX and I get those thumbs up from random pedestrians, reminds me of how different my build is and how many people do appreciate it.

D2i: What's your favorite part of the build? Why?
Leroy: Well I'm an Artist, so I do have to say my favorite part of my build is the Spawn themed airbrush art.

D2i: What's your plans for next season ?
Leroy: I might do a color change on on the entire car. I like to keep changing the appearance of my vehicle to keep fans of the car interested.

D2i: Some word advice for new builders?
Leroy: Stay dedicated and keep doing what you love. You are building your car for you. It's not a crime to stay different.


  • Joe a.k.a. Mr Benzo said:

    Congratulations Leroy , My Tekniquez Auto Club Brother ….Ur Vehicle is Definitely a Work of Art that Keeps the Fans in Awe…Keep up the good work

    January 18, 2017

  • Leroy Cornelius said:

    Thanks for all the love.

    January 09, 2017

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