D2i: Mr Larry Mak, can you tell a little about your self, and your build?
Hello everyone my name is Larry Mak I'm 44 yrs old, married and have one daughter she is 11yrs old now. I was born in Hong Kong came to united states in the late 70's and live in NYC since then...
As of my build right now its a 2013 Toyota Sienna SE, what made me pick the SE model is because from the line up on other models appearance is a little different, the SE is one of the sporty looking model from all the sienna line up, basically the different is, the SE come with the sport front bumper, side skirts and the sport rear bumper, sport suspension, bigger wheels...huge different then the luxury models appearance,,,but somehow or someway I end up going to VIP setup and try to get away the sporty look, IF I can go back I probably pick the XLE limited edition and start from there...

D2i: Not much people will even think to build a Sienna, What inspired you to start building such a unique van?
Well, there's a few answer to this... 1st I would say its because of my family, I would really want them to enjoy more then I do...Especially to my daughter lolz...she get so excited and gets so much attention when ever I come with the van drop her off or pick her up at school...all I can say is she feels special in front her classmate. Its pretty much what makes me feels so worth it for me and to my family members...

2nd Driving your vehicle as a daily routine, you want to feel relax, no pressure, especially comfort you want...cuz I think when you start getting older and older your mindset you think differently kinda like "Lazy" and you prefer your lifestyles to feel extra comfortable and have a safe environment surrounding you and some other little things... that's why I prefer a bigger vehicle.

And last, what makes me build something like that...Before my early years I used to own all different types of platform, FWD, AWD, RWD, classic, convertible, turbo charge, and never thought about modify a bigger vehicle like a Van...in my opinion! is another level to mod something extra unique, stands out to the crowd and something really worth to use it on my family, But I definitely said the trend from Japan motivate me to build something that crazy,,, there's a person who really inspired me the most, his name "Singo Utumi" CEO of BLACK-PEARL ~Compete~ HE LIVE IN Himeji, Hyogo From Osaka. I can said! his work is worth to study...go check out his work!!!.

D2i: How do you feel that your Sienna  has became a public figure to many car enthusiasts?
Lolz...I never thought of myself as a public figure or anyway lolz...BUT when comes to stuff relates to cars...im so into it, I would offer help with no question and share my ideas/talent just to let them know I am part of the game lolz...to me Everyone is equal

D2i: What was the most challenging part of your build?
The most challenging part of my build... I would say every part of the surface is the challenging, nothing is easy, just never ending... Keep on solving...

D2i: Some words of advice to someone who wants to achieve the same level of the VIP lifestyle that your on?
Be confident on any obstacle, have a good imagination foundations, as for me before I start any creativity... I usually do tons of research going though books to books pic's by pic's,,, before, my biggest investment is books...back then I would said the late 90's when Nopi was huge,,, we really don't have that much resource, especially the internet is not big as today...finding information is bit hard, that's when I spend part of my paycheck to books " Options magazines, sport compact cars,  Rev, VIP cars, Honda tuning, VIP style, car and driver, lowriders,,, I can go on and on... Till these day, I still have these books laying around to get my research/idea's...is still work tho. Bottom line do your homework, tons of research, be creative, most important! good imagination, something that works in the reality tho! Don't ever forget! If there's a will, There's a way!






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