Name: Keanu Black
Team: Subcitydrift
IG: Keanus_World

D2i: What does Subcitydrift mean to you?
Keanu: What does Subcitydrift mean to me. Where do I start honestly its all Brotherhood and everyone just being there for you. Anything from needing a wrench or even spending hours with you on the side of the road just to get you home.

D2i: What inspired you to start drifting?
Keanu: I'm not one of those people that started drifting from watching Fast and Furious. I looked at this thing as an art form in early years but wanted to take it at a different approach and that's why I'm doing it with a pickup truck. If you think about it the only person you're challenging as yourself it's not like running down drag strip for 8 - 14 seconds there's more challenges around every corner with this sport.

D2i: What would you recommend to a person that wants to start drifting?
Keanu: Don't go sliding around trying to impress people learn at your own pace and see where your weak points are. Once you get to that point it'll be smooth sailing from there.

D2i: What is your motivation to keep doing what you love?
Keanu: Personally I feel like I'm nowhere where I need to be this so many more techniques so many different ways to drift I'm just hitting the tip of the iceberg that's my motivation to keep going.

D2i: What are a few things your most excited about with this D2i affiliation?
Keanu: Even though within the group is pretty serious we just started to venture out and merge with other groups. I definitely feel like this is a stepping stone to get out there and see where this can take us. One of my good buddies Mike is in D2i so it's not like I'm going in there blind can't wait to see what this year brings.


  • GoCam Rell said:

    Keep doing ya thing out here bro, iSee you #Inspiring

    January 06, 2017

  • GoCam Rell said:

    Keep doing ya thing out here bro, iSee you #Inspiring ?

    January 06, 2017

  • Jessie Henderson said:

    Your truck will always inspire me to build on

    January 06, 2017

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