Joseph Belgrave "Mr. Benzo Taking Over NYC"

Joseph Belgrave "Mr. Benzo Taking Over NYC"

D2i: Who is Mr. Benzo ? and what inspired you to do such a master piece with your build?
Mr. Benzo: Well , I've been an Avid Fan of the Custom Car Game for many years ...and I love seeing people's Creative Spirit Come to life by doing the Unthinkable & Making it a reality ...Now what Inspired me was just that ...After seeing what others were able to Create while still leaving  me in Awe... I said to myself , Now that I've seen what can be done..What can I do that people would not expect , But still be Bold Beautiful & Unique ...My Answer Just build something that will be remembered & talked about for years 2 come.. Break the mold & U will have No Comparison !!!

D2i: How do you feel that your car has became a public figure to many car enthusiasts?
Mr. Benzo: Lol , I Greatly appreciate all those that Respect & Admire my creation...and if it Inspires U to Think outside the Box & Awaken One's Creative Spirit then My job was done Successfully!!!! #KeepTheGameFresh

D2i: What was the most challenging part of your build? 
Mr. Benzo: Damn The Hardest Thing was Getting people to see My Vision , cuz I had to actually to build certain pieces myself & be hands on in the designing process of Certain things ...Which is cool in the long run Cuz it makes it more Personal  ...But as I like to say,  " U have to Perceive the Vision..Inorder 2 Achieve it "

D2i: We all know Mr. Benzo love the models! Does he have a favorite?  Which one(s)?
Mr. Benzo: Lmaoo...Yes I Do love the Models , but Any Model That can bring out the Sexy in the Car with Their own Sexiness is a Favorite of Mine...

D2i: What motivated you to make such an appealing interior?
Mr Benzo: Initially My Creative Spirit & Drive but Then hooking up with the right people whose creative spirit matched mine Once they understood what i was going for ..So Some of the people I wanna thank are. ..Proline Car Stereo's in Brooklyn for all the Car audio/video & custom fabrication,  Shane of Wetcoats for the Amazing Airbrushing , Safraz Upholstery  ..Price Upholstery. .Craftsmen Upholstery For my interior work & Eddies Speed Shop in Bayonne for all my custom body work ...All my Supporters Videographers , Photographers,  Models & My Team Tekniquez Auto Club !!!!!

D2i: Some words of advice for new builders? 
Mr.Benzo: Admire & Learn from what is out there but Take those notes & Rewrite the way its Done....Cuz remember ur building 4 U & not just 2 please others 

D2i: Mr benzo took"Best of Show" last year at "Built not Bought" will he be making a return to BNB REMIXX on May 27th 2017?
Mr. Benzo: Yes sir... God Willing I will be there & with a few New Surprises for Everybody ....By the way Thank U for ur Appreciation.


  • Mr Benzo

    I appreciate all the love Folks…Glad My Creation is able to Gain ur Kind & Motivating words..

  • Mr Benzo

    I appreciate all the love Folks…Glad My Creation is able to Gain ur Kind & Motivating words..

  • Kayeman

    I appreciate your passion, and perseverance Mr. Benzo, keep doing your thing! Congratulations.

  • From SUG SHOP

    Love ma brother keep doing your thing


    Congrats brother ??. Well done ✅

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