D2i: What inspired you to build a Scion TC?
Gianna: My first car was a tC1. After that I bought a sonata that I loved but I've always had a soft spot for tCs. I wanted the release series when it came out in 2014, but at the time I couldn't afford it so I told myself I would have a new one as soon as possible. I got a new job & 8 months later I drove my '15 off the showroom with 3 miles on the dash.

D2i: What was your deciding factor on cambering  your car?
Gianna: I've always loved cambered cars. Something about the look of it just has always been something I wanted. Nothing is funnier than sitting at a red light while someone is yelling through your window that your car is broken. A lot of people say it's stupid & useless & I ruined my car but I'll never regret my decision.

D2i: Since your tc has been been dipped for a while, how do you feel about it?
Gianna: A lot of people think it's dip, but it's a different. It's autoflex, a liquid vinyl wrap that I had done back in July before Tuner Evo Philly. I love it. No chips, no cracks & it's sprayed perfectly. I plan to get it resprayed this season. It was done by Chris & Dom Tucci at Insane Dips in Lincoln, RI. I got my car back in 2 days and it was exactly what I wanted. I worked with them to create a custom mix which is the Ice Blue that it is now.

D2i: How does it feel being both a model and having a car that's in the scene?
Gianna: Modeling was something I did for fun. I've fallen back from the modeling now because I hate what it's become. Ever since I put my car together everything has been about the tC. I'd rather have a car I love & getting to get people's feedback and so many positive responses it just inspires me to keep going. My main focus is getting my car done now.

D2i: Is there any thing that you would recommend to someone trying to achieve the level of low and as camber that you have?
Gianna: Lol, DON'T! Unless you are FULLY & I mean FULLY ready for the time, patience & money it costs. I'm not sure if everyone knows, but my car is my daily. Yup. Everyday. Static. Living in New England does not make that an easy task. Sunshine, rain & snow this car is what I drive. I've broken oil pans, axles & the quarter panels need some TLC but I love it. You need to be ready to spend a few days dialing in fitment, rubbing, potentially ruining lips of wheels, and so much more. I'd do it all over again because this is honestly what I love but be ready for full commitment!

D2i: What are your future plans for your tc?
Gianna: I'm keeping things quiet with what's coming next but there will definitely be some huge changes very soon!


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