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D2i:I love the amount of custom mods that you have, what would you say is the most challenging thing to make your ride unique? 
Well i greatly appreciate the love for the work people notice i complete. The most challenging thing to make my EF unique is standing out from others and keeping up i'd have to say. I never really do things for other people to care. I do this because i love it and live for it. "Challenging" is what keeps us in this car scene on our peas and q's to be old school about it. 

D2i:What's the story behind the "universal" theme?
"UNIVERSAL" is a small club. A club full of family who has been together for more than just a few years. From Toge cruising also known as "Touge" to BBQs we are a unique and tight circle. We are all different as are our rides...we are together one as we are also Universal. 

D2i:What bit of advise would you give to a person that wants to bag their car? 
Well first of all, get ready for an amazing f*ck*ng ride. You should always make sure you take your time to read instructions as it will help install correctly because there is nothing worse than an air leak. Patients and saftey is always key. 

D2i:What would you say makes your car different from ones alike? 
Id say the unique parts I've fabricated. I like to add my own touch as most who know me can tell you. The self made vip wooden cup holder/table, the "long daddy" shifter that extends damn near to the roof of the EF, the homemade stitched Japan Flag and pole the list goes on. The countless hours put into my build is priceless. Every thing from the motor build to the polished exhaust tip was done with my own hands. No shops no techs. The street side on some days and my good friends garage on others. 

D2i:What was your form of motivation behind the build? 
Simply to build something i love and enjoy doing it every second of the way. I get motivated by those who say "it won't look right" I show them other wise. 

D2i:Do you have any words of inspiration to  somebody trying to get into the car scene? 
Be yourself and be creative..do what makes you happy. Imagination never fails. Stay true to your build stay true yourself. The car scene is full of every type of person from the ones who hate to the ones who love. "Be you"!.

D2i:Are we going to see mr 4thgen C at built not bought on may 27th
That could be a possibility as i'd love to show love and support to others who share the same passion as myself. Car builds and meets......ARE LIFE!. 


  • Mr EF Curt said:

    Much love and respect to the Driven2inspire fam. I greatly appreciate the time taken to wanna know about the ride and myself. This love can only come from a true enthusiasts such as your selves. Salute.

    March 04, 2017

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